Areas of work

As a Brazilian lawyer living abroad, I offer efficient and quality services to clients, whether foreigners or Brazilians mainly residing outside Brazil, in the areas of international family law, immigration law, and real estate law, as well as on other matters within my field of expertise.


Marriage, separation, divorce, adoption or maintenance duties are current themes in our daily lives but they may be subject to the legislation of more than one country . Some legal acts regulated by foreign law implying a change of legal status need to be notified to the country of origin in order to update the legal status held in that country. It is therefore important to seek advice from a professional, especially in cases where foreign rulings need to be recognized and enforced in Brazil.


Foreigners intending to enter or even settle in Brazil need, depending on their purpose in doing so, to request some type of visa from the national authorities. A legal expert in Brazilian law can provide advice on the formalities to be completed with a view to obtaining a visa or transforming it and, for eligible foreigners, overseeing the naturalization procedure. In addition, foreigners may need advice on tax issues such as applicable taxes or how to declare income and assets to the competent bodies.
For those who wish to open a business in Brazil as a foreigner, guidance is needed on legal status and the activities that can be carried out. Those who wish to practice their profession in Brazil may benefit from guidance regarding the recognition of diplomas and the possibility of developing their career in that country.


In general, foreigners are allowed to acquire property in Brazil. However, they must be very careful when entering into a contract of sale, especially if they do not live in the country or do not have a good understanding of Brazilian law. Before signing a purchase and sale agreement, it is necessary to conduct a survey not only of the property but also of the owner, together with other advisable preventive measures to avoid problems in the future. It is therefore essential to be advised by a national legal professional to broker or even negotiate a purchase or sale of real estate in Brazil.