Are you a foreigner looking to start up a business or buy property in Brazil ?
Are you a Brazilian resident abroad and need a document or certificate from Brazil?
Do you need recognition in Brazil of a ruling to which you are party, handed down in a foreign country?

Areas of work:

As a Brazilian lawyer established abroad, I offer efficient and quality services to clients, whether foreigners or Brazilians mainly residing outside Brazil, in the areas of international family law, immigration law and real state law, as well as on other matters within my field of expertise.

Intern. Family Law

Marriage, separation, divorce, adoption or maintenance duties are current themes in our daily lives but they...

Foreign Law

Foreigners intending to enter or even settle in Brazil need, depending on their purpose in doing so, to request some...

Real Estate Law

In general, foreigners are allowed to acquire property in Brazil. However, they must be very careful when ...

About me

When we establish ourselves in another country, as foreigners, the legal ties with the country of origin do not end. In this way, in many situations, we continue to be subject to the law of our country of origin even if we live abroad.

On the other hand, foreigners may also find themselves subject to foreign law in various situations involving …